Get rid of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, boost your confidence and train your brain for success!


Train your brain for success, boost your confidence, and overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.



Imagine being able to move through your day without feeling stressed or worried that you're not good enough. How different would your life be?


You should be able to achieve your goals and grow your business with ease. You should be clear, confident, fearless and determined to take action.


But because you struggle with those negative thoughts that tell you that you’re not ready or not good enough, you hold yourself back.  


If only there was a way to silence the noise in your head, to stop the procrastination and self-doubt, and to finally unleash yourself from the fear that is keeping you stuck...

 You set goals but procrastinate or stop yourself

 You feel that to achieve success you have to sacrifice happiness

 You’re afraid to disappoint the people around you

 You hold yourself back from playing full-out in life/business. 

 You let other people's judgements or opinions derail you

 You worry that you're not able to create the success you want. 

 Replace your negative thoughts and quiet the noise in your mind

 Rewire your brain to overcome fear and replace it with unshakable confidence

 Replace procrastination with consistent action taking

Become the most successful version of yourself

  Replace your negative thoughts with unshakeable confidence

 Rewire your brain to overcome fear and be unstoppable

 Replace procrastination with consistent action taking

Become the most successful version of yourself

STOP doubting your capabilities. You CAN reach your goals.
With the right tools & strategies, you can learn how to identify your limiting beliefs, learn to overcome them and ultimately rewire your brain for success and happiness.
That’s why I created 

Master your Mindset!


Let me guide you to learning the truth about your thoughts and the way your brain works, and let me teach you the tools you need to reframe and rewire your limiting beliefs.  When you work with me, you'll not only be able to manage stress and overwhelm better, but you'll be developing the mindset you need to create the business and life you dream of. These are not just business skills.  They are LIFE SKILLS!


Re-train Your Brain for Success

Overcome Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Become a Confident  Action Taker

“Michelle’s course was pivotal for me and helped me to go from 0-20 transactions in my first year of business! She helped me work through my fear and break it down. When she teaches you how the brain works and how our thoughts impact our decisions, and then shows you step by step how to reframe and reprogram them, you start taking the action you need. It was incredibly powerful ...”


Keep letting your negative thoughts and fears control your life

Keep feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by your dreams

Keep chasing shiny objects with the hope that something will work

Keep giving up on the life you dream of before you’ve even started

Work on mastering your mindset to overcome your self-doubt and fears

✔ Stand in your power and take control over your life and business

Realize the endless potential & strength you've had within yourself all along

Tackle your goals with clarity and the right tools and mindset to succeed

In this module, you'll learn how your brain is wired to operate. Understand the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and other factors that are causing you to  struggle with taking action and creating results in your life and business.

In this module, you’ll learn a powerful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique to help you identify your ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and  how to exterminate them  - helping you think, see and feel more positive and aligned.

In this module, you’ll learn how to Master your Mindset by rewiring and reprogramming your old limiting mindset using a powerful tool known as an Automation Script.  You’ll also receive a success plan to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Universal List of Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thoughts

9 Types of A.N.T.s (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

List of Affirmations

Negative Thoughts Extermination Worksheet

Sample worksheets for clear guidance. 

Audacious Goal Setting Exercise Worksheet

Automation Script Worksheet 

Success Plan Checklist


“Michelle walked me through unwrapping my fears and provided tools to change my  thinking and beliefs without changing who I am. It's been mind blowing and life altering. I feel so much more grounded and sure of myself and more confident in the decisions I make. This course came at the perfect time for me as I am taking on a major role in our company and needed clarity and confidence.
No more hesitation and second guessing! ”


1) Lifetime access to Master Your Mindset course plus LIVE coaching

($1297 Value) 

Three In depth Powerful Modules PLUS 4 weekly group coaching sessions, teaching you how your brain works, how to identify your thoughts and how to re-train your brain to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs. 

I've created this life-changing program to be your A-Z guide to developing the mindset that is needed to achieve success. 

2) 9 Downloadable Worksheets & Learning Checklists

($297 Value)

In order to make your learning experience as smooth and easy as possible, you’ll get access to powerful tools, worksheets and checklists  to help you identify the exact thoughts that are causing you stress and keeping you stuck. Every worksheet is editable and practical and will guide you step-by-step through the mindset exercises used in the course.

3) Members-Only Support Community, with Exclusive Q&A’s and Material directly from Michelle 

($297 Value)

Not only will I be available for answering questions in our private community, you’ll have access to exclusive live sessions for support, and peer to peer collaboration with other professionals like you, who are all working on their mindset and skillset for success. 

4) 30-Days to Success Automation Challenge 

($97 Value)
Using the dedicated worksheet, and checklists from the course, you’ll be invited to take on a 30-day challenge to shift your mindset, and retrain your brain to achieve any goal of your choice! 

5) Access to Advanced Programs 
This course is the pre-requisite for the advanced group coaching programs; Unlock your Money Story and Unlock your Success. These powerful LIVE group coaching experiences use the framework you're learning in this course to unleash your potential!


The November session is full!


I'm the founder and CEO of the Aligned Agent Academy.
I help real estate agents to scale their business to 6&7 figures with more simplicity and less stress using my productivity, mindset, and alignment strategies.

I'm also a brokerage owner with approx. 300 agents and staff, a Forbes published writer and speaker, a mom, a wife, and a coach.

Master Your Mindset is my newest program focusing on giving you the knowledge and tools you need to overcome negative thoughts & limiting beliefs, boost your confidence and re-train your brain for success!

I can't wait for you join me!

~ Michelle

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